February Love List

Love is all around and it makes the world go ‘round. We call this month the Love Month! Here are a few of our favourite things for February - hopefully you can make some time for some ideas below and definitely make time for yourself xxo


Put up Valentine’s Day decor
Get a pink manicure/pedicure complete with champagne
Bake sweet treats
Have a Galentine’s Day Brunch


Pink floral arrangement for your desk
Light sweet smelling candles
Curl up in bed with a good book
Create a loving affirmation to say from this day on
Go out for breakfast with your little one
Wear red lipstick
Buy yourself chocolates
Go on a weekend getaway
Buy that thing on Amazon that you have had in your wishlist for an eternity
Host a Cupid’s Tea Party
Indulge in a Valentine’s bubble bath
Enjoy a heart-shaped donut
Write yourself a love letter, literally put it in the mail, and send it to yourself

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