Community Feature : Pursed Boutique

Fashion is a form of arts, and style is a reflection of the soul!
Pursed Boutique is a concept and a destination for discovering the world’s unique international designers & artisans. It carries exquisite, original and luxury handbags, purses and accessories made by independent designers from all over the world. 
We scour the world for authentic and distinctive handbags and accessories created and made by young and talented designers who bring expressive concepts and stories to their collections. We thrive to bring freshness, uniqueness and conversational pieces to your wardrobe.


Independent creativity at risk!

We are increasingly losing generations of artisans' skills and creative designs reflecting personal style. 
It's becoming more difficult for independent designers and artisans to compete against large brands, gain presence at retail level, grow their business and connect with people who care about their story.
Pursed Boutique believes the essence of a unique design is the story behind its people, creative process and inspiration. We are an online platform curating products made by independent designers and artisans to tell their story and interact with a community that shares our values.

Bagghy handbags are one of the most functional and durable lines for women in all phases of life. The bags work perfectly with any daytime outfit. Whether going to work, meeting, shopping, vacationing or meeting up with friends for coffee or playdates, Bagghy is the perfect companion. They are sturdy and print will not fade over time. The stitching and lining are impeccable and the handles are made with buttery soft genuine leather.
La Rose De Sim handbags are iconic street style chic. They are fun conversation pieces and will stimulate your creative senses with their unique vintage prints and colours. Pair them with jeans or cargo daytime look, or use them as to add funk and buzz to your little black dress this Holiday season.


Pursed Boutique stands for
•    Confidence, sophistication and independent style
•    Recognition and support for creativity to empower young and talented local and international artisans and designers
Pursed Boutique offers
•    Luxurious, unique and timeless pieces
•    Personalized friendly experience and styling assistance



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