As women, many of us have said this ourselves or have heard someone we know saying this while being photographed, "I am not photogenic" or "My photos never look good" or "I will get myself photographed once I loose a few pounds". At Zoom Into Life photography, we have made it our mission to change this perception & show women through their glamorous portraits making them feel beautiful, confident & empowered to say to themselves & to the world, I am Beautiful Now! I am Enough Now! We want all women to know that they are beautiful at every stage in their life because their true beauty radiates from inside out & that 10 years from now their legacy portraits & precious moments with their family will be the most important things they & their loved ones will cherish. 


Zoom Into Life photography is a full service boutique studio specializing in Contemporary Portraiture for Women. We want to photograph every woman who wants to feel & look fabulous including the woman & the mom who  is missing from the family album as she is avoiding the camera. Our passion & brand is empowering women by capturing their true inner light & beauty & gifting it back to them & we do this through the 2 premium experiences we offer, which are:

Ultimate Girls Day Out Experience -  This session is called as the beauty shoot & makes one of the best gifts to celebrate by yourself or with your mom, daughters, sisters or girlfriends. It also one of our most popular sessions as after the beauty shoot most women extend it into a family generations session to create legacy portraits of themselves & their family creating a heirloom box full of gorgeous portraits. This shoot is a fashion inspired, magazine style 3 hours luxury session which includes style consultation, stylized photoshoot, professional hair & make up, an in person presentation revealing glamorous portraits from the shoot day. It is a special day where you feel like a celebrity & get to Pamper, Celebrate, Reconnect & Rediscover yourself through your glamorous portraits, making you feel confident, beautiful & empowered.


Professional Personal Branding Experience -  This session is popular with entrepreneurs & professionals looking for modern magazine styled portraits that are stylish, contemporary & exuberates their personality. They go beyond the traditional head shot because these premium quality professional portraits look like the cover of a Fortune 500 magazine creating a very strong brand image as a result of which you gain trust from your potential clients & gain more business. These portraits are used for LinkedIn, corporate brochures, intranet etc & for business marketing, on websites, business card, banners, brochures or social media to create a consistent brand image.


COCOLILY Special:    Receive a Complimentary consultation & $50 off your session fee if purchased by 31' Dec 2016. (Note -The shoots can be scheduled for a later date anywhere from Nov 2016 until 28 Feb 2017).