Community Feature : Essence of You

Do You Struggle with Environmental Allergies?

Now that the heat is on and the windows are closed, what type of allergens are lurking in your home just waiting to cause you discomfort?  Wouldn’t you love to have a detailed report on suggestions to clear out these allergens and create a healthy natural home?

Look no further!  Essence of You can help; I design custom in home assessments focusing on my client’s needs and concerns and then provide a detailed report of options for creating a natural, healthier home.


As a practitioner with over 20 years of experience and research, I take the guesswork out of “what do I do next, what products are the best for me and my family” as well as the thoughts of “I don’t have the time do implement this into my life.”

The benefits are simple; a healthier environment, less allergens waiting to cause discomfort, a thicker wallet from the money saved and a sense of accomplishment!

“I absolutely LOVE the cleaner you suggested!  My home smells wonderful, my crystal chandelier is actually clean and it sparkles!  I feel good knowing the products I am using are creating a healthy environment for me and my family.”  Paula B

My dog was suffering from allergies, he was given nutritional supplements and I was educated on what could be causing his allergies.  I have since made changes from the suggestions Brenda made and I can happily say Taavi is doing so much better!  Hayley F

Essence of You takes the guess work out of how to create a healthy environment for your home, pets and yourself! 

When looking at an issue holistically, there may be many concerns; however, you need to begin somewhere.  Going “Back to Basics” begins to build a foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  My clients rave about how clean their home is; they feel better and some of the symptoms that they or family members have lessened or are no longer an issue.

For the COCOLILY audience I am offering special pricing of 10% off of my most popular service called “Back to Basics.”  What a great Christmas gift to give; the gift of health and well-being that will keep on giving! 

I am interested in helping you find solutions to what concerns you most of all regarding your health and the ones you love.  For the special pricing email me directlyI would love to hear from you.
- Brenda