Guest Post: Mad Hatter Tea Co.

Mad Hatter Tea Co. was founded on the principal that good for you can be great tasting. We are an organic, handcrafted loose-leaf tea boutique in Bronte Village, Oakville.

All of our teas are created and handcrafted in house, by owner and tea sommelier (in training) Shannon Miniaci. Our teas are organic and have no artificial flavors and each blend features beneficial ingredients. We have a collection of teas specially designed for moms and babies, to help promote healthy development and a strong immune system. We also offer custom blending private (mobile) Afternoon Tea service.


Shannon states "I've always loved tea. I've always had an overstocked 'open at your own risk' tea pantry; tea tins just spilling out... I never thought of having my own tea company. Not even after my daughter was born with horrible acid reflux that I was determined to heal naturally. It was 2012, I was given a deadline by a doctor and I set out to work on curating an herbal remedy to help her. I had 4 weeks to figure out a way to turn 5lbs into 8lbs in a baby that was rapidly losing weight because she couldn't keep a thing down. And I did it, we surpassed by 3lbs! And friends and family wanted that remedy for their babies and I made it. It wasn't until I was asked to be a vendor in an upcoming market that I realized that I had something special. But what to call it? My husband said I looked "as mad as the Hatter" throwing herbs, spices, flowers and tea into a mixing bowl at 3am, the will just keeping me awake. And it stuck and the rest, as they say, is history...


Our Mummy & Wee line has created quite the buzz. Not many people are aware that tea is a fantastic option for little ones, mainly because we always think of caffeinated varieties. So I love to talk to people about what we're trying to do with this very special line of tea. Another really popular product we have is our Queen of Hearts tea. I can't blend it fast enough! The shop just fills with the scent of roses and vanilla bean as I mix the ingredients together and it's probably one of the best parts of my day. I love it.

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