Beautitude is a Canadian Luxury brand that offers a fun loving line of targeted anti-aging body care treatments that are vegan, natural and cruelty free.  We are happy to feature them today and their story!

What motivated and inspired you to start the business … how did you come up with the idea?

Chrisanthy: We had many skin concerns and we were having difficulty finding effective, natural and non-toxic products. This made us feel insecure to wear a lot of the trends and we felt bad that we couldn’t wear the things we wanted to. We just wanted healthy skin, and to feel comfortable and not put limitations on ourselves. There wasn’t many options in the body care industry, and those that existed were not as effective as we had hoped. Not to mention that they generally did not have the most appealing scent or packaging and were quite expensive.

Catherine: We came up with the idea when we were doing a "Did You Know section" for Sunbec Food, which is our family business.  As we were doing the research, we discovered that Dead Sea Salt and raw sugar had an amazing amount of natural beauty benefits. We found that those benefits could be very helpful in treating our own skin concerns, and we were determined to wear those outfits that we had shied away from. We also knew that many women, regardless of age were feeling the same way we did. So we decided we wanted help women feel confident and sexy in their own skin, by creating a sassy line of natural and effective products that not only make you feel great but give your skin the nutrients it needs.

What you love most about your job /company/journey?

Catherine: What I love most about my job is that I genuinely love creating thingsand so my passion has become my business. It took us two years to create these products and launch our brand and we learned so many valuable lessons along the way. It is a bit surreal that what started out as just a simple idea, has now flourished into a business.

Chrisanthy: What I love most about our company and my job is that I get to wear so many different hats and I get to learn about the different aspects of running a business. I am never bored, and constantly challenged.  One of the things I love most about our journey is that we get to meet such inspiring people, and I constantly find myself getting out of my comfort zone, which is scary but at the same time very rewarding.

Top 3 things on your bucket list.


1-    I would love to have lunch with Anna Wintour. I think she is such an empowering and inspiring woman. I love fashion and have read her biography and would love to pick her brain.

2-    I would love to travel to Thailand.

3 -I would love to start a non-profit to support young entrepreneurs. It’s not easy to build something from scratch, you need a lot of resources and support.


1-I am very passionate about traveling, so visiting the seven wonders of the world is definitely on my bucket list.

2- I love the sea. I would love to learn how to scuba dive and be able to explore the coral reefs.

3- I love fashion, so I would love to experience Fashion Week in Paris.

Great Business advice you received when you were starting out?

Catherine:  Our dad, who has owned a successful business for over 30 years has always said “Nothing comes from doing nothing. If you work hard in your life, you will succeed.”

Chrisanthy:  He also told us to be perseverant and that just because someone says no to you today, doesn’t mean it won’t turn into a yes tomorrow.  You have to never give up, never quit and get creative.

What/ who is your biggest inspiration? 

Chrisanthy and Catherine: We both feel that our parents are our biggest inspiration. They are partners in business, they are partners in life, they just aren’t our parents, they are our best friends and our biggest fans. They are a prime example of how two people with different strengths and views work together to create a thriving business, and loving and supportive family.

What does success mean to you? 

Catherine: For me it’s having a balance in your life.  It’s not just about working hard and having a successful career, it’s also coming home to a family that loves and supports you. It’s being able to be present for them and be there for them. It is difficult and I think it is something that I will have to work at for the rest of my life.

Chrisanthy:  Success to me is really about having freedom. Having the freedom to pursue the things that I want such as a passionate career, different life experiences, traveling etc.  Success to me is also being able to be yourself with your friends, and partner in life and creating a supportive and loving network of family and friends.

Your favorite spot for coffee, brunch or cocktails?

Chrisanthy: My favorite coffee shop is Tommy Cafe, in the Old Port. I love the vibe, it makes me feel like I am not even in Montreal. It is a great place to just escape, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a delicious snack.

Catherine: My favorite brunch place is Faberge, in the Mile End. I love the menu and it’s got this “forever young” vibe! You can’t start your day wrong when you brunch there!

One thing you do to take care of yourself...your self‐care me/day/moment?

Catherine:  I try to take care of myself by working out in the mornings before I start my day.  It is not easy, but it’s the time that I focus just on accomplishing a workout and nothing else. Afterwards, I feel less stressed and more positive, I feel ready to tackle my day.

Chrisanthy: I try very hard to stick to my skincare routine for both my face and my body. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and it’s something that just makes me feel good. The process for me is almost therapeutic, it’s just something that I am doing for me, and I feel a sense of satisfaction giving my skin the nutrients it needs to have a nice healthy glow.

What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve made for your business?

Catherine: The biggest sacrifice I feel we have made is time. Especially at the beginning, when you are launching, you give up a lot of time you would spend with your family and friends. You have to say no to things that you would love to attend because your business is depending on you.  Sometimes you don’t know the difference between a weekday and a weekend.

Chrisanthy: I agree with Catherine. I also believe you sacrifice piece of mind, to a certain extent. You have a lot more anxiety because there is a lot at stake and sometimes it is just really hard to stop thinking about work.  So it’s really important to create a lifestyle that will help you deal with the stress and have a great support system around you.

What do you celebrate most about life?

Chrisanthy: Life is full of milestones, some larger than others, but in the end it’s filled with a lot of small moments and wins and it's important to cherish them.  I don’t feel you necessarily have to celebrate just big life events. They can be small personal goals that no one even knows about. It’s important to treat yourself once in a while. But to be fair, I love throwing a good party so I always find a reason to celebrate.

Catherine:  I agree with my sister. We have so much to be thankful for, it’s important to stay positive and recognize an accomplishment no matter how big or small it is. If great things are happening to you and the people you love, why not take a moment and acknowledge it! A little celebrating does some good for the soul and that’s the premise of Beautitude.


Product and lifestyle photos: Liana Carbone from Liana Carbone Photography
Portrait: Karine Kalfon from Karine Kalfon Photographe