New Things

"So, I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings"

I'm a very private person but I'm also authentic and real and hopefully my story may inspire someone else who is on the same path.
Sometimes things happen for a reason. 

Sometimes you find the love of your life and get married only to find out in the end that he was wrong for you BUT God put you together so you can have a beautiful child together.  

Sometimes you start a new job only to realize it's so wrong for you two weeks later BUT the Universe brought you to that job to find your kindred spirit. 

Sometimes you venture off as an entrepreneur and start a business from a wonderful idea.  You work at it days and nights - it flourishes to something amazing for a few years and then, as you grow and go through life, you learn and grow yourself as a person and realize that you fell in love with something else.

These things happen.  We learn. We grow. We move forward.


I'm now at the stage where I have to stay thank you to everyone who stood by me from day one (you know who you are) while building the COCOLILY brand.  
Thank you for being by my side - I am eternally grateful for those who took a leap of faith on me and the COCOLILY brand.

I learned so much while building COCOLILY - my other baby ;) It is so close to my heart.  I learned new things about myself.  I taught myself things I never knew before.  I discovered new passions and interests.  Past passions re-surfaced once again and I realized I need to embark on a new journey.  



COCOLILY brought out my passion for connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

COCOLILY brought out my creative spirit and made me realize that I love designing graphics and websites!  I thrive while doing marketing for clients and thinking of creative ways to market.  I am fabulous at sourcing information and curating content for social media.  I am passionate about producing styled photo shoots and bringing together some of the most talented vendors together (ie. Pear Studios and SSV Photo).  


In the past I've produced several boutique tradeshows such as The Original Wedding Soiree along with The Original Petite Soiree, which featured a unique New York-style fashion show that's never been done before in Toronto. I've been used by so-called friends who were only my friend for my contacts or thinking I can take them further in their business - and of course - when I stopped doing a particular project, that friend stopped being my friend - hmph.  It always hurt because I am a really kind, supportive and loving friend BUT it helped to build my character.  That 'friend' was obviously not meant to be in my life and I saw it as a blessing in due time. 



In addition, I also produced The COCOLILY Social - a creative event for the female entrepreneur.  While producing this massive conference, I was by my moms side holding her hand and watching her wither away, completing breaking my heart. Along with knowing I'd be losing my mom soon, I also lost over $40K from producing The COCOLILY Social due to the insanely high costs of the venue and not having time to focus on sponsors as my mom came first.  


I remember asking my mom if I should continue doing The COCOLILY Social as her condition worsened and she told me to continue with it and not give up. 

If it wasn't for her, The COCOLILY Social wouldn't have existed and wouldn't have been so successful for over 200 female entrepreneurs who had nothing but sweet things to say post-event.  Thank you mommy for always teaching me how to be a good person and for always believing in me.  

I did lose my mom in June of 2016 and it was the worst heartache I've experienced - nobody can prepare you for that type of grief.  I still needed my mommy and she was only 59.  But I have to put my faith into gear and think that God needed her more. 



All of my events were always original for Toronto and as such, often people tried to copy them (as they say 'the best compliment someone could give you is to copy you.'
I surpassed my own expectations, had sleepless nights of stress but at the end of the day I survived, I learned and I succeeded.


Having worked with speakers, models, photographers, actors in the past (as I also produced a few magazines!) - I found that my passion for that industry was resurfacing again.  I used to be a Talent Agent - sending actors out on casting breakdowns and sending them out for television roles, editorials, film and commercials.  I was absolutely in love but I left the industry because there was a man who worked there and started to try to flirt with me but because I wasn't interested - he got furious and made my life a living hell when I came into a job I loved and arrived to at 7:30am (even in snow storms) to get those breakdowns!  I left and that experience left a bad taste in my mouth so I left the industry all-together. 

BUT eventually you get over things ;)

Right now at this stage of my life I am pursing my passions.

Marketing along with representing talent and speakers.

They both go hand in hand and put a smile on my face and a spark in my heart.  

I will be focusing my efforts on The House of COCOLILY (a lifestyle marketing agency) and The HOC Agency (talent & speaker management). 

I am also focusing on my family as there has been the death of my mom and recently, the death of my uncle - and things like this really make you open up your eyes to the sunshine and count your blessings despite the grief.

Nonetheless, I am excited. I have faith. I am going to where the joy is and I hope you will always follow the joyful path.    


Entrepreneurship is not the easiest thing - we don't go out shopping all day or get pedicures or hop on our private jet and fly to Tuscany!  Entrepreneurship can be lonely (which is why I started The Breakfast Club and will continue).

Entrepreneurship takes a lot out of you but in the end, it is so rewarding. 

I can only hope that you will continue to join me on my journey and the ventures I started before and will continue, but also the new ones.  I love connecting like-minded people together, marketing and building brands as well as the talented people on The HOC Agency roster! 


I trust that an ending is followed by a beginning.
Sending you love, light and success in all that you do.