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  • Branding : your own personal image or business
  • Business Etiquette : for an entrepreneur or at the workplace
  • Motivation & Inspiration : how to keep going no matter what, pursuing the dream
  • Marketing How To's
  • Social Media Tips


  • Financial Management : budgets, entrepreneur start-up, managing & saving


  • Career : advice and tips for the woman in the workplace
  • Networking : how to's, why and where


  • Styled Shoot : new business launch, fashion, product or work space
  • Entrepreneurs sharing their entrepreneurial journey and unique story, inspiring others in the startup world.  This can include how you started, what you did to succeed and any failures, lessons or triumphs.


  • Family : balancing, cooking and tips for how to do it all
  • Fashion Editorial : from a business meeting, lounging on the weekends to a corporate party
  • Health & Wellness : stress management, yoga techniques, relaxation at the office
  • Recipes : healthy + quick, eating on the go, breakfast quick fixes


  • Wanderlust experiences
  • Retreats and getaways


  • For a coffee meeting, event or night out after work
  • Yoga studio, co-sharing or photography locations
  • An upcoming workshop, conference or boutique event


If you have an article idea, story, celebrating news, or press release you would like to pitch to us and think our community would benefit and learn from, we would love to hear from you!  The editors are always looking for original, informative and unique articles.

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Please be advised that due to the high number of submissions we receive, we will be in touch to let contributors know if we have chosen to publish content.

We adore photos with a love of design, creativity, artistic, distinct style, breathtaking or that tell a beautiful story. 
Please email a zip file of images to cocolilyandco(at)gmail(dot)com with subject “SUBMISSION | (name of your company or submission title)” and include the following details:

Company Name
Your Name
Your Website
Your Twitter Username
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Your Instagram Username

Images with no watermarks and collages please.  Please submit 5 to 15 images. 
Please include your headshot.
All photographs in high-resolution digital format (300 dpi minimum when scaled to 9’ x 12’). 
Please note that submissions with high quality photography, beautiful details shots and artistic vision are more likely to be featured.  

Mini Bio of the author of the above article.
400 to 600 words for the article/content/story.

Please also include a list of all applicable vendors including company names and URL’s for as many prominent items that were photographed and captured in the images.


  • All photo submissions must be approved by the photographer
  • Images must be high-res and sized at minimum 300dpi
  • Please do not collage images; they must be separated individually
  • Please do not brand images with your logo or watermark
  • Only submit one editorial, session or event per submission


  • Please ensure to follow the above guidelines otherwise, COCOLILY & CO. will not accept your editorial or story if you fail to submit properly.
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  • You also acknowledge that COCOLILY Editors have the right to crop your images, add fonts or text to your images and place them as we see creatively fit. 
  • We also have the right to include and/or exclusive select work from an editorial or feature. 

The COCOLILY Journal enforces a strict editing / quality policy and due to the amount of editorials, articles and photography submissions received we are often not able to offer feedback unless the submission is of interest. 
Successful submissions will get a response within ten (10) business days.
If you have not heard from us within ten (10) business days, please assume your entry has not fitted with our current themes. 

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