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How do I advertise with COCOLILY & CO.?
Please contact us directly by filling in the form for a variety of advertising opportunities to our community.  We will review your request and contact you directly. 

When will the next print issue of The COCOLILY Journal be published?
The COCOLILY Journal : a magazine for entrepreneurial and business women is published once a year as a limited edition guide & directory.
Please contact us for our editorial schedule should you be interested in the rate card.

Where can I buy a copy of The COCOLILY Journal?
The COCOLILY Journal will be available via our SHOP online; arriving soon. 
The digital publication for the female entrepreneur, lady boss and working woman - will be launched in Spring 2017.  The print publication will be mailed directly to select members of the COCOLILY Society in addition to a hand-selected list of events and stockists which will be posted in Fall 2017. The digital copy, published bi-annually, will be available to select COCOLILY Society members in Spring 2017.

Can I write about COCOLILY & CO. on my blog or website?
Definitely! COCOLILY & Co. would love it if you would consider writing about us. Please feel free to ask for any images (as they are copyright) or use them from our website.  Any images taken from the website must always link back to the page with a clickable link


when women support each other, incredible things happen #COCOLILYandCO